There are many things to consider whether one is building from scratch or renovating/retro-fitting an existing home. We offer design & consultation services that can involve working alongside architects to incorporate whole systems design principles into the build or consulting on best ‘green’ practices when renovating or building.

  • We aim to reduce the IMPACT building materials have on the environment. Are they toxic? Can they be recycled? What was the carbon footprint in making them?
  • Making sure plumbing allows for easy collection of grey water, black water (sewerage) and/or for gravity-fed water solutions.
  • Can we create passive heating or cooling in the home?
  • Many building materials are high in VOC’s which are chemicals that slowly off-gas over time leading to health issues. We can advise the best alternatives for paint, wood, laminated timber, carpets etc. that are free of VOC and are instead actually biodegradable.
  • Timber is another mine-field, with treated timber being highly toxic (at the end it’s life cycle) and most hardwoods being imported from unsustainable forestry industries.

We have done all the hard work, research and testing on green building options. If this is something you are committed to, let us help you make the process simple.