Lightweight, yet sturdy, the Leaf & Stone broadfork allows you to loosen and aerate soil with minimal soil strata and microbial/fungal disturbance for double-dug bed preparations and maintenance.

Our broad fork is South African made! The handles are made from very strong local sugar gum making the whole tool much lighter than an entirely steel-made tool. At the time of writing this (Jan 2021) this is the only available broad fork on the market in South Africa.


  • Effective for 75cm beds
  • 5 curved 30cm tines made of galvanized steel
  • Solid gum handles, replaceable. Made from cleared alien timber.
  • Designed and made in South Africa.
  • 135cm tall x 60cm wide
  • Weight: 5.99 kg
  • Assembly required

Warranty: We offer a 5-year guarantee on fabrication faults. Although made for professional use, this broadfork is not indestructible. The repair warranty only applies to tools that have been properly used and cared for.

Shipping: Tools are only available for shipping in South Africa. They are not available for international shipping at this time.

Promotional codes cannot be applied to the purchase of tools.

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 120 × 50 × 5 cm


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