What We Do

We make homes and urban spaces 
off-grid, sustainable & resilient by creating edible & ecological landscapes, harvesting & reusing water, using eco building materials & methods, building natural pools and using off-grid technology.

We offer all these solutions independently but primarily, we integrate all of these solutions together, using what is called whole systems design.  Whole systems design is a multi-disciplinary approach that integrates agriculture, ecology, architecture, and construction.  This approach and its’ outcomes are scalable from residential properties and suburbs right through to farm lands.

We create adaptive, resilient and secure spaces in a world facing peak oil, climate instability and ever deepening social and economic uncertainty.

The above shows the before and after transformation of "The Nook". A timber frame home that went through the process of whole-systems design.


Leaf & Stone was founded by myself, Andrew Jamieson in 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa. My journey started with the conversion of our own home (The Nook) into an eco-home in 2016. Back then, and even still, there was no one who could really advise on the many aspects that were involved in making a home off-grid, sustainable & resilient. So I began the journey of doing it myself.

Households’ demand of non-primary products and services is contributing to ‘more than 60% of global greenhouse gasses and between 50% and 80% of total land, material and water use’.

In 2016, I studied permaculture design in South Africa. This offered me a whole new way of thinking about the design of not only my home but human settlements, ecosystems and all systems. Using this design framework I took our home partly off-grid providing water, food and waste solutions as well as doing an eco renovation on the 35-year-old timber home.

Cape Town was in the grip of a water shortage crisis at the time and people started to realise the benefit of not only harvesting and recycling water but in the many other ways a home can become more resilient and sustainable. As a result our home soon started to garner interest and I started getting inquiries to install food forests, rain-water harvesting systems, greywater wetlands and build natural pools. Leaf & Stone was created as a service to bring these sustainable services to people in South Africa with a main focus being on whole systems design. We place huge emphasis on the design process as a service where we view the home/school/office as a system and consider all elements together to maximise resilience, efficiency and resources.